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Rollor Technology is a patented, crease-free technology that allows clothing to be packed in a compact, protected and crease-free manner. It is based on two principles: no folding and no pressure. This ensures fashion items to stay crease-free.

Rollor technology is a proven technology that guarantees wrinkle-free results for everything under and between the upright rims. Rollor has the only technology that always guarantees a wrinkle-free result.

Our design philosophy: we develop products like aircraft’s: The whole is more than the sum of parts, every part is there for a reason. Nothing is just stuck on, there is a point to every detail.

Dutch design: Rollor is a 100% Dutch company. We develop stylish, durable products and solutions that take away peoples frustrations of having to appear, or having to accept that clothing arrives in a creased condition after transit or upon home delivery. Our design studio is a master in surprising customers with amazing designs that exceed customers expectations in functionality as well as in consumer experience.

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