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Founded in 2000 in Hong Kong, China, Sunshine Satellite TV is a 24-hour, 24-hour Chinese satellite channel with Hong Kong, Beijing and Taipei as its core production base, featuring historical, cultural, financial and financial and political programs and documentaries. It provides open space and independence for citizen discourse and scholar thought.

News reports review, gather the world's current political news, dig deep news of China, explain secular doubt, see the reason of right and wrong, respect independent thinking, compatible with the world; Documentary with the vision of globalization, localization care, with an independent posture, try to show the true face of society, but also history to the truth. Sun Satellite TV regards the reconstruction of the main value of the global Chinese society, including the mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Tibet as its main responsibility. It insists on the truth, truth, true knowledge and thinking about the future development direction and mode of the nation, emphasizing the people's livelihood, seeking for democracy, freedom and full effort.

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