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Dragon TV, launched in October 2003, is one of the major TV media under SMG. It ranked third in 2015 among city satellite TVs according to CSM34 prime time statistics. Named “the Most Influential Provincial TV” by authoritative institutes of the industry, Dragon TV is one of the general channels with the highest brand value and greatest influence in China. Its coverage in China tops all provincial satellite TVs.  Its international service has successfully landed in the United States, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Singapore, 38 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, all countries in Central and South Americas, as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions. The global audience has reached 1.1 billion.

Positioned as a “young and metropolitan channel”, Dragon TV targets young people in urban areas as its main audience. The programs cover such categories as news, TV dramas and variety shows. Its news coverage is the largest in volume among provincial satellite TVs across the country. The franchise news columns include Dragon TV Morning News, Dragon TV Primetime News, Broadcasting Shanghai, Crossover, A Tale of Two Cities, etc. There are 11 columns of news reports and news feature programs every week, with an average daily news broadcasting of over 300 minutes, both ranking the first among provincial satellite TVs. In case of international and domestic breaking news, Dragon TV gives prompt special live coverage at great length, which has become a characteristic d of the channel.

The TV dramas produced by Dragon TV is characterized by “metropolitan touch, big production quality, novelty and variety”. The Ordinary World, Tiger Mom, Nirvana in Fire and The Legend of Miyue, among others, have achieved huge success and popularity. The weekly dramas as a new attempt are also enticing.

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