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Central South University TV is a school-run news organization. The TV station of the Central South University is based on the campus, relying on the cultural resources of the university, and is a TV station with a relatively high professional level.

Founded in 2001, Central South University TV is affiliated to the News Center of the Propaganda Department of the University Party Committee, with 10 full-time staff, dozens of student journalists and DVCPRO. DVCOM, BETACOM, JVC and other professional level, broadcast level recording and editing equipment more than 20 sets; Four sets of DPS, Sobel and New Ott non-linear editing systems; In addition, that automatic broadcast system for the mixed program is built, and the work room is more than 800 square meters. Since 2001, the production of news programs, special columns and television projects has been carried out many times, and several large-scale television live broadcasts have been successfully performed. it is a university television station with advanced equipment, strong program production capability and high technical level.

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