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On April 29, 2004, Jinying Cartoon Satellite TV was officially approved by State Administration of Radio, Film and Television as the first professional satellite channel for animation in China. Jinying Cartoon Satellite TV was born, and together with Hunan Satellite TV, it forms the Gemini of Hunan TV industry.

From the planning stage, Golden Eagle Cartoon TV will "carry forward Chinese traditional culture" as the channel concept, adhering to the channel spirit of "courage, wisdom and happiness." The five premiere theatres occupy 75% of all-day programs on the channel, providing the best platform for domestic animation. On the first day of the channel, a large-scale Tang poetry movement was launched with the participation of minors from all over the country. Less than a month after the trial broadcast of Jinying Cartoon Satellite TV, it entered the top 10 TV viewing markets in Hunan and Changsha, leading many old TV channels that have been broadcasting for many years, and ranking the first group army in the TV market in terms of viewing competitiveness. Is the most growth of the strong mainstream TV media.

The audience of Golden Eagle Cartoon Satellite TV covers all ages, different occupations, and is worthy of the name of "All-Age Cartoon." Viewing platform, in which the audience of young people to the channel audience concentration of more than 40%, Jinying cartoon TV has become their first choice for viewing.

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