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Tianyuan Weiqi Channel was founded by Guizhou TV Station, and was approved by State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and officially launched on May 1, 2004.

Tianyuan weiqi channel broadcast 18 hours a day, the main columns are "live games," "selected events," weekly chess talk "" playing the sea, "the world of weiqi" "go classroom" (preliminary, medium, senior tutorials) and so on. The channel relies on the strong television professional condition, in the live broadcast aspect superiority is huge, the average monthly direct broadcast encircles the chess game matter as many as 12 times above. Tianyuan Weiqi Channel pays special attention to the live broadcast of major international events. Starting from 2007, the concept of live broadcast day of the event is introduced, namely, starting one week before the live broadcast for promotion, suspense forecast and hot guide. On the day of the event, live broadcast in synchronization with the competition, with the studio as the main string, the special reporters on the field timely broadcast, the event review, the competition situation, the evaluation points of the research room interweave, display the competition situation from multiple angles, and design various interactive ways to enable the audience to participate in. The live broadcast information, the sense of presence, the sense of participation has reached an unprecedented height.

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