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SDTV-3 Shandong TV Full Transport Channel Shandong TV Sports Channel Shandong TV Full Transport Channel was renamed from Shandong TV Sports Channel on January 1, 2009;

Shandong TV Sports Channel is the only provincial professional sports TV media in Shandong Province at present. The programs are transmitted through the largest cable optical cable in Asia, covering 17 cities throughout Shandong Province. Now there are 12 million households watching on the Internet, and there is great potential for further expansion. Shandong TV Full Transport Channel is the third program of Shandong TV station. In 2008, Shandong Sports Channel joined CSPN; in 2009, Shandong TV Sports Channel was changed to Shandong TV Whole Transport Channel because of full transport. Since July 1, 1995, Shandong TV Sports Channel has been devoted to providing high-quality sports TV programs for 90 million viewers in order to spread sports culture, promote sports spirit, and advocate nationwide body-building. The aim is to make the audience physically and mentally happy, broadcast 24 hours a day, spread the latest global sports information from the perspective of lucid rhinoceros, and comprehensively analyze major sports events at home and abroad.

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