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TV JOJ is a Slovak private TV channel owned by J&T Enterprises and launched in March 2002. The channel screens serial dramas and TV shows.

Similar TV

  • TA3 TA3 TA3 is a Slovak private news channel. It started officially broadcasting on 23 September 20
  • TV WAU TV WAU Television WAU is the second niche channel mainly aimed at young, active women in Slovakia.
  • Plus Slovak Plus Slovak Plus is a Slovak television channel owned by J&T Media Enterprises. It is the sister channe
  • Dajto Dajto Dajto ("Dajto" means "Giveit" in Slovak) is the first niche channel aimed at young, active
  • RTVS 1 RTVS 1 RSTV 1 (Jednotka) is a generalist channel, showing family-oriented television, Slovak movie
  • RSTV 3 RSTV 3 RSTV 3 (Trojka) broadcast sporting events only between 2008 and 2011. Before and after bein