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SET News (SETN; Chinese: 三立新聞台, Pinyin: Sānlì xīnwén tái) is a 24-hour news channel of the Sanlih E-Television in Taiwan, launched in March 1998

"Sanli News Station" from the world in Taiwan, 24-hour production and broadcast of the most in-depth and authoritative all-weather real-time news, the transmission of good things, grasp the global news pulse, two flagship programs are highly praised, "Taiwan Bright Up" won the "2015 Wenchuang Industry News Report Award" and "Social Bright Side Award," On-the-spot report on Syria's Miseries of "Lost Border" won "Wu Shun Wen News Award - International News Report Award" and "Seventh Nebula Truth, Good and Beauty Social Progress Award," which have been recognized by all circles. Sanli News Station, a news channel owned by Sanli TV, began broadcasting in March 1998 with the slogan of "Taiwan's leading brand of local news." It is one of the eight 24-hour real-time news channels in Taiwan and one of the highest-rated news channels in Taiwan.

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