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Hunan Education TV Station, which is a public welfare institution under the supervision of Hunan Education Department, is subject to the publicity and management of the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee and the industry management of Hunan Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television Bureau.

Hunan education television station is one of the nine mainstream media in hunan province with the aim of "basing on big education, highlighting young people and serving the whole society." It is a big station and a strong station in China's education television industry. Hunan Education TV Station has many self-run columns, such as "Education News," "National Defense Education Channel," "Hunan Entrance Examination," "Huxiang Lecture Hall" and "Clean Government Channel," which have distinctive brand features in the fields of education and culture. Year-round undertaking of large-scale activities such as "Chinese Bridge World College Students Chinese Competition," "Campus Sound," "University Students Micro Film," "Hunan University and Middle School Students Solo, Solo and Singing Competition," "Campus Football" and "College Entrance Examination Volunteer Consultation." In Hunan local and even national television program market, with its professionalism, focus and influence is well-known in the industry.

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