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Chinese Tea Channel, a professional channel tailored by Hunan Radio and TV Station to meet the needs of thousands of tea friends, is the first and only television promotion platform in the country to connect the tea industry in an all-round way and carry forward the tea culture.

Relying on its strong program resources and creative talent resources, Chinese Tea Channel will fully explore the development of offline resources in the tea industry, as well as tea enterprises, tea factories, tea culture tourism bases, tea associations, The tea research institutions, national schools and other high-quality brands work closely together to develop related industries on a phased basis on the basis of television program production and publicity, form a complete industrial chain and create a brand-new industrial form. Practice the strategic dream of "Big Radio, Big TV, Big Publicity and Big Industry" of TV Xiang Army.

A "book" specially created for the ordinary people to drink tea daily, the "encyclopedia book" aims to guide the ordinary people to drink tea correctly and advocate a healthy new life. "Teahouse" the country's first play around the characteristics of the teahouse, about tea people, tea, teahouse culture interpretation of the on-the-spot column. Multi-angle of view, multi-angle, fully display the new charm of modern teahouse. "Beautiful Walk" records the tea path of tea friends, specially for tea people and tea-producing areas of the exclusive introduction of on-the-spot tea tourism programs. One or two tea lovers are invited to go deep into the tea producing area, experience the whole process of local tea making, and enjoy the most original tea garden scenery. "Tea hears the world" looks at the world tea smell, knows the world tea matter. The latest tea information, the most complete tea industry trend; professional event analysis, "tea news broadcast," "tea today," "tea market scanning" three major sections, every day for you to network the latest and most complete tea news. "Tea fragrance device rhyme" inherits an ancient culture, inherits a kind of exquisite craft. "Tea fragrance device rhyme" will be for you to search all kinds of characteristic porcelain, the heart appreciate porcelain beauty, feel the spirit of porcelain, look for unique works, trace back to the past life and present life of tea device. "Happy search tea" to choose good tea and goods, happy fitness. The first famous tea-gathering program "Happy Tea Search," focusing on the origin, planting method, natural environment and history and culture of tea, combined with modern health preservation concept, has become the first choice for the audience to understand tea, purchase tea and pay attention to healthy tea drinking. "Rub tea" for tea lovers to create a chance to find good tea, to give tea merchants a platform to express their feelings. Each show by the host led a number of tea people to "rub tea" way, choose a good tea, and give 10 tea gift to the outside audience. For tea friends and tea merchants to provide a mutual exchange of the window, tea merchants tea people, can also enjoy and go.

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