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Hangzhou Video Channel HTV - 4 was established on August 18, 1999, is the first professional TV channel directly approved by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television in Zhejiang Province.

The channel locates the movie and television, the program mainly plays the movie and television drama and the movie and television column, the capacity is large, the arrangement is dense, the broadcast program nearly 20 hours every day. The channel provides programs and programs related to film and television broadcasting, strengthens high-quality programs of film and television, enriches and refines film and television programs, and provides film and television information services.

At present, Hangzhou video channel HTV - 4 has "Health Uprising," "Wulin Red Blanket Show," "Love Shadow Coalition," "Today's New Watch," "on pick," "Ping An 365" and "Golden Theater" and other columns or theatres. Channel is dedicated to create (innovative start-up), film (film industry), health (health) of the three major plates to deep-penetration, the integration of television, cinema line two big screens; Integrating resources through online and offline programs, activities, projects and daily publicity, fully revitalizing and tapping into potential, including human resources, customers, unique resources granted to the media by the community and advantageous resources of the channel, Constantly enhance the influence and attention of the channel.

Since its launch, HTV-4, Hangzhou Film and Video Channel, has held a series of activities of "praying for blessings," "Innovating China" and "the 9th Asian Skills Championship in 2015." Brand activities such as "2015 China Fuyang Designated Paragliding World Cup" and "Ping An Escort G-20," as well as press conferences and professional seminars on film and television programs, have produced extensive social impact.

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