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TVS4 Drama Channel is the first channel of Guangdong Film and TV. It focuses on the best and most popular TV series at home and abroad, which can be released in large time and in large capacity. Entertainment trends, introducing the growth of film and television characters and artistic style.

GRT Drama Channel, formerly known as Guangdong Cable Film and Video Channel, was launched on August 28, 1994. Now it is the film and video channel of Guangdong Radio and TV Station. The TV S4 Southern Video Channel was officially established on December 20, 2001. In 2002, the establishment of the first year, the film and video channel to "show people love to watch" as a slogan, adhering to the "professional channel film and TV series" market positioning, the beginning of the launch was widely praised by all parties. In 2002, among the top 50 TV series in the whole province, there were 27 TV programs in South China. In's online survey of the entire Guangdong province, TVS4 won first place in "my favorite TV channel" with a high number of votes.

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