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TVS1 Economic Technology, based in Guangdong, looks at the whole country. Integrating the traditional essence of Guangdong Lingnan culture, grasping the powerful influence of the common language, and deeply cultivating the local common language TV platform, it has become a climate for ten years.

GRT Finance and Science Education Channel (TVS-1) is the first provincial-level ground channel in Guangdong to realize the simulcast of high standard and clear. Has the most powerful people's livelihood column cluster, the most famous gold microphone host, the most dare to dare to do the program production team, distinctive features, brand shine. As the channel with the most competitive advantage in market competition, the most anti-risk ability and the most potential for growth in Guangdong, TVS1 ranks among the top five ratings of Guangdong Province for five years in a row, and ranks firmly in the local common language throne in the Guangdong TV market. Is the United Ten Strong National Video Road, a national pattern!、

Under TVS1, people's livelihood news, people's livelihood services and people's livelihood entertainment go hand in hand in hand and complement each other, offering the spiritual and cultural food with more mainstream values for audience users, and promoting high-quality life in order to build a harmonious society. Also brings the long-term value embodiment and the brand shaping for the customer. "Closer to you, farther away" is a great humanistic ideal. Near, the content that means Guangdong classics sees and product and audience user close distance is zero, ground gas, relieve public opinion, solve popular demand; Far, it means that the vision and pursuit of Guangdong, sitting in Guangdong and looking across the country, thick and thin, forward-looking. In recent years, TVS1 has constantly innovated itself, upgraded the platform, discovered the potential brand resources, and presented numerous sincere works for customers to attract the target audience.

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