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Guangdong News Channel, full name "GRT News Channel" was launched on December 8, 2005. Guangdong News Channel is the only provincial news professional channel in Guangdong Province approved by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, and the key channel for the professional reform of Southern Radio, Film and Media Group.

Guangdong News Channel is subordinate to Guangdong TV station, effectively integrates the TV news resources of the whole province and at home and abroad, bases itself in Guangdong, covers the whole province, links Hong Kong and Macao, connects with the whole country; serves the central work of provincial Party committee and government, Focus on the social hot spots, pay close attention to the people's livelihood, and meet the needs of the TV audience for news and information in a comprehensive and timely manner.

The brand news programs of the Guangdong News Channel include: "Spot Report," "Guangdong Morning," "News Front Line," "Guangdong Report," Guangdong News Joint Broadcast, "and" Concern Today ""Global Report," "Societies," "Beautiful Girls," "Global Geography," "Chinese Images," "People's Representatives," members of the CPPCC, "" Global Zero Distance "" and "The Pearl River Chronicle." "Front-line investigation"; interview-type "authoritative interview" and financial-type "deep blue"; tourism-type: "Traveling all over the world."


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