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Guangdong Public Channel has been established since July 2002. During this period, we successfully planned and produced many influential brand programs, such as "Song of the Phantom of Song," "Fifth-grade student" and "Decrypting Great Action," which provided rich entertainment information and people's livelihood information for TV viewers. The audience rating and channel influence have been well promoted and developed in Guangdong.

Since April 2011, Guangdong Public Channel has launched the channel concept of "Apple Period," with its auspicious meaning of peace and happiness, which promotes the concern for people's livelihood to the public. A good will to work hard to create a happy life.

The new edition of "DV Live," a new edition of the People's Livelihood News program in 2011, has added more live reports of fresh and exciting events, as well as hot topics of people's livelihood closely related to the public, thus making the content of the program more authentic and time-effective. Since the program has been broadcast, By a large number of neighborhood audience's strong pursuit, ratings along the way, the public channel has become the weight of the imperial column. In that public channel, the popularity and influence of the public channel are gradually improved through the layout arrangement of the all-day program, the re-edition production of each program and the new design of the overall package of the channel, and the promotion of various types of outdoor activities are planned regularly. The audience rating of each column has also been greatly improved, and has been vigorously pursued and supported by more and more television viewers.

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