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CCTVS is affiliated with China Central Television (CCTV), "CCTV HOME SHOPPING (Chinese Name: Medium-term View Shopping)" The name provides all kinds of services, such as goods and logistics, to China International Corporation, which is engaged in TV shopping in China.

Relying on the brand advantages of CCTV, Zhongyi Shopping integrates the three-dimensional distribution marketing platform resources composed of CCTV open-circuit, digital and network, creates a shop-free sales channel, reduces the consumer's shopping cost, and enables the consumer to truly experience portability and comfort, A safe shopping experience and lifestyle.

As a direct institution of CCTV, Zhongyi Shopping, adhering to the good traditions of good faith, authority and social responsibility of CCTV, is located in the most honest family shopping, and the nationwide development of television, network, Stylograph and other forms of modern three-dimensional family shopping business in view of the shopping network, dedicated to the creation of China's most credible TV shopping brand.

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