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Tsinghua University TV was founded in 1990, is the Department of Publicity of Tsinghua University (News Center) affiliated to the on-campus news publicity agency. The TV station uses programs or channels in the form of news reports, special programs, live videos and live broadcasts through the campus cable TV system and network TV platform respectively, mainly to publicize and report major events of the school to the school's teachers and students, Policy initiatives, grass-roots work and production broadcast a variety of knowledge, characters, life, cultural programs and so on.

Qinghua TV station currently has regular broadcast of the news "Tsinghua News" and "News Express," "Media Tsinghua," as well as the rolling broadcast of text and text information; Other main columns are "campus," "ramble," "Qingyuan Chunhua," "everyone rostrum" and so on; There are series of topics such as "Tsinghua Science and Technology," "Tsinghua people," live video and so on.

At the same time, it has provided or jointly filmed a lot of materials and programs for relevant units, individuals, CCTV, Education TV Station, Beijing TV Station and other media both inside and outside the school. Attention of Campus Cable TV Channel of Tsinghua University: HD 903 Channel / Standard Clearing Channel 912


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