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Peking University TV Station (PKUTV) was founded in October 1989, has obtained the preliminary development in recent years, at present, the school cable television network has taken shape, covers three districts (the school headquarters, Peking University First Affiliated Middle School, Yanbei Garden), The third network (in the audio-visual education building, the family area, the student dining hall), the net user has reached 6000, covers the number more than 20,000 people; A total of 43 TV programs were delivered.

The "Peking University News" program of Peking University TV station has played an important role in displaying the results of teaching and research, and in publicizing the new appearance of school reform and development. In addition, that TV station of Peking university give full play to the role of supervision by public opinion and the link between the school and the teachers and student, Successfully held the "Autumn of Yanyuan" Mid-Autumn Festival Gala, Spring Festival Gala, and broadcast on Beijing Television.

The Peking University TV Station has also produced a series of special films reflecting the full picture of Peking University, such as "today's Peking University," "forever campus," "the grand ceremony of the century," and "praise the academicians" and so on, which played an important role in the foreign propaganda and exchange. It has reserved valuable academic materials for Peking University.


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