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VTV6 is a Vietnamese state-owned television network of Vietnam Television. Launched in 2007. It serves the youth in Vietnam.

Although VTV6 is operated by Ban Thanh thiếu niên (Youth Department), several programs produced by Ban Sản xuất các Chương trình Thể thao (Department of Sports Programs Production, VTV Sports) are mostly broadcast on this channel since 2015, so it is also known as a live broadcast of sports events of VTV. VTV6 also produces many live television programs and special live show for broadcast on VTV1.

VTV6 channel was mentioned for the first time in the development plan of Vietnam Television in the period 2006 - 2010 with the orientation to be a specialized channel for sports (teenage content was then oriented for VTV7) in order to change substitute for VTV3 in the context that VTV3 started buying the rights to broadcast gameshows and spent the golden hour as well as most of the time on Saturdays and Sundays to broadcast entertainment programs to earn profits for the station.

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